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Attention Owners, Residents, and Potential Investors!

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The 2016 Budget 

Marijuana Consumption On "Limited Common" and "Common" Area Elements

Investment Policy

Violation Fining Policy

Parking Policy 


  Your Board Members/Officership/Terms as of October 2015 are:

Chu Ho Son, President, term expires October 2016

Judson Davis, Vice President, term expires October 2018

Linda Moore, Board Member, term expires October 2018

Forrest DeYoung, seat vacated, term expires October 2017

Brandon Scholten, Member at large, term expires October 2016

Charlene Hunter of Hunter Law, LLC is the Counsel for the Association 


 HOA Assessment fees will be as follow for 2016.                                             

 1 Bedroom 1 Bath =  $276/Month
 2 Bedroom 1 Bath =  $374/Month
 2 Bedrrom  2 Bath =  $440/Month
The Woodstream Falls monthly HOA fee includes heat, electricity, sewer, water, trash removal, and exterior maintenance.

W.F.C.A. Maintenance Management



10/22/2015 - BUDGET: 2016 Annual Budget Passed. Accountant has announced that he's working toward an audit of WFCA finances to be completed in 2017. Board has officially announced its plans with regards to the Insurance Settlement from 2014.

10/14/2015 -HVAC Update: The heat will be turned on November 2, 2015. During this down time a scheduled maintenance for the pump system will be taking place.

09/25/2015 The HVAC system is experiencing an intermittent problem. A vendor has been contacted to diagnose the problem and replace the faulty parts.

09/02/2015 - The HVAC system is experiencing an intermittent mechanical problem due to a broken cooling tower fan. This fan cools the HVAC equipment, and if this machinery gets too hot the AC will shut down. A professional repairman is on site working on the cooling tower and we hope to fix this problem & have the AC system functioning fully by Friday 9/18/2015.

07/15/2015 - Monthly HOA Meeting CANCELLED.  Please direct your questions or concerns to the Management Office (303)-755-4226

06/22/2015 -Domestic hot water Emergency-Temporary hot water break at boiler L, buildings affected are: L, M, K & KK. Anticipated service interruptions at 8:00pm will be from 06/22 - 06/23/2015. We are working on this issue, for information please email us at: woodstreamcondos@comcast.net

06/19/2015 - Pool Update: Pool is operational and will open noon Saturday 06/20/2015 you must have a pool key to access pool. Renters contact your owner for a key; owners please contact the office for a key.

06/19/2015 - New HVAC Update: Air is running now and is operational.

06/16/2015 -HVAC Update: Chiller system work began yesterday (06/15/2015), however, due to water pipe break near Building O-211; air conditioning will be delayed until break is repaired. Crew will begin work on 06/17/2015 to get air conditioning up and running as soon as possible.

06/15/2015 -Domestic hot water emergency-Temporary hot water break in pipeline, buildings affected: AA,BB,CC and Z. Anticipated service interruptions will be from 06/16 - 06/19/2015. We are working on this issue, for information please use internet...email: woodstreamcondos@comcast.net

06-09-2015 - Attention Residents of buildings E, F, G, H, I, and J: a pipe leading from the boiler to your buildings has broken.  Repairmen are onsite excavating the sidewalk to reach the leak.  Management will have more information on the nature of the break after the broken pipe is exposed.


Upcoming Events

Time & Location
Wednesday October 21st
General Board Meeting
Club House
6:00 PM
Tues. Sept. 22nd
Pool CLOSING in 9 DAYS (as of 9/15/15)

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