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With Quorum met, 2014 Annual Meeting was successfully completed.  Thank you to all the owners who supported this meeting and help us complete the meeting on first try.  

Results from the the meeting were

Forrest DeYoung was elected to 3 year term

2015 Annual Budget passed

Banning consumption on limited-common and common elements of Marijuana Passed

Investment Policy passed

Violation Fining Policy Passed


  Your Board members, Officership, Terms as of 2015, are:

Brandon Scholten, Member at Large, 2 Years

Chu Ho Son, President, 2 Years

Kevin Johnston, Treasurer, 1 Years

Judson Davis, Vice President, 1 Years

Forrest DeYoung, Secretary, 3 Year

Charlene Hunter of Hunter Law, LLC is Counsel for the Association 

WFCA Maintenance Management


03-16-2014 Maintenance found a pipe leak inside Boiler Room serviing L, M, K, KK. This leak broke the pump circulating domestic hotwater for this loop.  Contractor and maintenance is scrambling to secure replacement parts to complete the repair.  It is estimated that service will be restored tomorrow.  Parts needed were acquired and the system is back up and running.

05-29-2014 Maintenance is working on domestic water issue.  Water for entire complex will be down while this repair is being made.  Domestic water is back on as of 4PM.

05-29-2014 Maintenance has located a leak on a pipe servicing the swimming pool.  While the pipe is being repaired, the swimming pool will be out of service. 

06-03-2014 Maintenance has detected a leak near building D.  It is a Domestic hotwater leak.  Crews are onsite working on it at this time. 

06-03-2014 Maintenance has detected a short in control system of HVAC while trying to turn on the AC system.  Contractor is working to repair the system as soon as possible.  FIXED.

06-04-2014 Maintenance has detected a hole in the  spirotherm air/dirt filter servicing the HVAC lines.  A solution is being developed to address this leak on a temporary basis to get the HVAC system up and running until a replacement unit is being sourced.

06-18-2014 Maintenance believes a leak in the HVAC system is causing pressure drop, causing the system to function partially and thus keeping the chilled water in the 60's.  Crew is on a prowl to seek where the leak is.

06-21-2014 Clarification on HVAC issue.  Reason why our system is running on Flat Plate instead of the main chillers is due to self protection mechanism of our chillers.  Because water pressure is low, chillers will not fire up automatically.  If we turn on chillers with low water pressure manually, it could damage them.   Also, crew is still looking for the leak in the pipes that is causing the pressure to remain low.  Mechanical system as a whole is functioning as it should, we just need to find the leak which could potentially take weeks.  Next week, a chiller services contractor will be dispatched to see if there is a work around to this low pressure shutdown issue for your convenience.  Further, maintenance has placed a temporary patch on the spyrotherm filtration system that is also leaking.  A replacement unit, at cost of ~$28000, should arrive within next couple of months.

06-29-2014 Maintenance has swapped operation from Chillers to Flat Plate again, as water presure reduced significantly, signaling that pipe leak has surfaced.  Contractors necessary to repair the HVAC has been dispatched.

06-30-2014 Maintenance reports that contractor could not restart main chillers due to low pressure in the system.  Maintenance is attempting to expedite its effort to locate HVAC leak.  

06-30-2014 Maintenance has located a possible Domestic cold water leak near building R.  Contractors are being sought to provide bids for repairs.

06-30-2014 Maintenance has also found a leak near in Domestic hot water heater room near building A.  Hot water was restored, but an extra pipe with cold water that is leaking will be taken care of on 7/3/14.

07-21-2014 Maintenance has confirmed that a leak found near building G is HVAC leak that has been eluding them.  It is in parking area.  Contractors have been dispatched to resolve the leak.  Those with parking spaces in the area, please pardon the mess and use top of the garage for parking please.  Damaged sections have been located and parts will be fabricated on 7/22 for install. 

08-28-2014 Maintenance has reported that a leak in the HVAC system is causing pressure drop so low that Chillers are not able to operate.  Flat Plate's have been turned on to supplement while location of leak is being sought. Thank you for being patient while this current pipe break is found and repaired.




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