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With Quorum met, 2014 Annual Meeting was successfully completed.  Thank you to all the owners who supported this meeting and help us complete the meeting on first try.  

Results from the the meeting were

Forrest DeYoung was elected to 3 year term

2015 Annual Budget passed

Banning consumption on limited-common and common elements of Marijuana Passed

Investment Policy passed

Violation Fining Policy Passed


  Your Board members, Officership, Terms as of 2015, are:

Brandon Scholten, Member at Large, 2 Years

Chu Ho Son, President, 2 Years

Kevin Johnston, Treasurer, 1 Years

Judson Davis, Vice President, 1 Years

Forrest DeYoung, Secretary, 3 Year

Charlene Hunter of Hunter Law, LLC is Counsel for the Association 

WFCA Maintenance Management


08-28-2014 Maintenance has reported that a leak in the HVAC system is causing pressure drop so low that Chillers are not able to operate.  Flat Plate's have been turned on to supplement while location of leak is being sought. Thank you for being patient while this current pipe break is found and repaired.

12-05-14  Maintenance is working to restore DOMESTIC HOTWATER SERVICE to buildings  N and O.  Contractors and have been dispatched to repair the system. 

01-05-15  Maintenance is working to restore HVAC system, being down due to pipe break near Building Y.  We will update as situation changes.  Thank you for understanding. 

01-06-15 Maintenance has restored DOMESTIC WATER SERVICE, BOTH HOT AND COLD, to all units.  Currently, HVAC service is being tested and, barring no hurdle, should be restored this afternoon.  FURTHER, more repairs are required to complete the repairs, but an advanced notice will be provided before any further shutdown of both Domestic Water service and HVAC service.   Maintenance has requested residents to bleed the HVAC valves and drain any residue leftover from repairs through shower faucets.

01-06-15 Maintenance has located a major pipe breakage under parking lot near building T.  Contractor crew has found the location this afternoon and will return to complete the repair on morning of 1-7-15.  

01-06-15 Maintenance is aware of domestic water heater in building R shutting down intermittently.  A contractor to repair this problem has been deployed and will be at the complex 01-07-15 to assess the problem.

01-06-15 Maintenance has found a leakage occurring on domestic water heater in Building F.  Replacement heat exchanger has been ordered to replace the leaking unit. 

01-08-15 Maintenance has shutdown Boiler in R due to a pump malfunction and is waiting for contractor to repair the system.  UPDATE:  Maintenance will nurse the boiler to remain operating, manually, as it shuts down, until a contractor shows up.

01-08-15 Maintenance has completed repair on HVAC line near T and is testing the system, if the system passes, the HVAC will be up and running tonight. UPDATE:  residents should start feeling heat around 9PM..

01-09-15 Maintenance has confirmed that boiler in R and U will be repaired by 7pm. 

01-12-15 Maintenance staff is assisting contractor locate a rare pump that services boiler in R.  As of 3:00PM a suitable replacement was ordered overnight, but contractor working on the repair is looking for one here locally.  Friday night, a pump was ordered but it never showed up.  All involved is working hard to source parts to repair as quickly as possible.   - Update:  as of 6PM boiler R repair is complete and system is fully functioning.

02-06-15 Maintenance has confirmed that Boiler U is not functioning properly and has contacted contractor for repair. 

02-09-15 UPDATE from above:  Currently maintenance and contractors are working with 2 Pipe breaks serving domestic hotwater for Buildings, T,U,V,W,X,Y.  

02-11-15 Maintenance has located and is working on new HVAC pipe break near G.

03-25-15 Maintenance is currently diagnosing Domestic Hotwater outage in buildings: D, F, G, H, I and J.  An update will be posted later.

05-03-15 Maintenance is estimating that HVAC system will be fully converted and functional with COOLING by May 31.  

05-03-15 Maintenance is working to mow and trim the law by end of this week. 

05-09-15 Maintenance has located a HVAC leak near Y.  This leak is substantial now, so entire system has been shutdown due to the leak threatening integrity of building structures. 

05-12-15 Maintenance and contractor is working to locate source of leaks.  HOA Office has miniaml amount of water for emergency use.   



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